86 GE

A short film made for the Kaliber35 Kinosportcup 2016.


In a world where human trafficking has become legal, people offer themselves for sale, in hope for a better life. But first they have to pass the strict quality check of the Flaucher company. Everything goes as ordinary as usual, until suddenly emotions come into play that are prohibited.



Country: Germany

Year: 2016

Production: Indie



Philipp Stier

Julian Stumpp

Marie-Theresa Lohr

Marcel Junker

Susan Maubach

Annalena Kayser

Boris Fotso Tene




Rusanna Danielian

Narine Danielian

Björn Weber


Director: R. Danielian

Camera: Björn Weber

AC: Christophe Poulles

Gimbal: Wolf Schiebel

Sound: Duy Vinh Vu

Music: Fabian Berghofer

Editing: R. Danielian