I was born on December 1983 in Yerevan, Armenia then moved to Germany, along with my family at the age of seven. After graduating from High School I studied Pedagogy with the focus on Media Education and Psychology as my secondary subject from 2004 to 2010 at the University of Bielefeld and finished my study with the Diploma degree.

In 2011 I worked as a Media Educator at the Film and Television School in Hamm. During that year, I worked on numerous film and television projects, designed specifically for young people. I have also leaded and organized some projects on my own. For example: a short fiction production, a documentary television show and a commercial clip.

Afterwards I worked at the JFC Media Centre, an educative institution for media relations, as one of the Organizers of the Children- and Youth- Film Festival named "Cinepänz & SeeYouth" which is located in Cologne. In that time I produced a short film with a group of teenagers which was presented at the festival.

Since the end of 2011, I have completed different advanced and certificated filmmaking courses, in directing, cinematography, sound, lighting and editing techniques, to extend my knowledge and skills at the Filmhaus Köln, which is a special institution for filmmakers. I participated also in one of their short film productions and assisted during the film shooting.

In 2012 I worked for two months as an Assistant for Zieglerfilm in a television series for the TV-channel WDR. I was allocated to the script continuity and assisted at the daily shootings, to learn more about the production process of a TV-program.

In the same year I finally got the chance to make my first serious film "Up & Down" as a Leading Director and worked the first time with a professional film crew. The short film has been produced in my home country of Armenia and was sponsored by the National Cinema Center of Armenia.

In 2013 I finished a postgraduate professional education as a Film & TV Editor at the Filmhaus Köln and have then extended my educational work at Met Film School Berlin to realize own film projects and establish myself as a Filmmaker, which I have finished in October 2015 with the BA (Hons) degree in Practical Filmmaking. My graduation film „Unknown Life“ was shot and produced last year in Armenia where I have worked once again with a professional crew and cast.

In the last three years I have written, directed, produced and edited many different short films (fiction, documentary, experimental) and have also co-written and co-directed a collaborative feature film which was shot in the BUFA film studios in Berlin. Moreover I have worked in various other short films as Assistand Director, Script Continuety, Production Designer and Cinematographer.

I have also participated successfully in some film competitions, have won the first prize at a film contest in Switzerland with my short “A Kiss for a Rose” and was selected as one of three finalists for the Hofbräu Trophy at the Munich Film School Fest with my advertisement “Sometimes”.

Currently I am working on the screenplay of my first feature film. Besides I am also working on and off as a Media Educator, freelance Editor and a Lecturer for an editing course in a community college in Erftstadt.