I was born in 1983 in Armenia then moved to Germany, along with my family at the age of seven. After graduating from High School I studied Pedagogy with the focus on Media Education from 2004 to 2010 at the University of Bielefeld. Afterward, I worked for three years as a media educator in different film and television projects.
Completing various advanced filmmaking courses at the Filmhaus Köln I finally got the chance to make my first film "Up & Down" as a Leading Director. The short film was produced in my home country of Armenia and was sponsored by the National Cinema Center of Armenia.
In 2013 I have extended my educational work at Met Film School Berlin to realize own film projects and establish myself as a Filmmaker, which I have finished in October 2015 with the BA (Hons) degree in Practical Filmmaking. My graduation film „Unknown Life“ was once again shot in Armenia.
In the last five years, I have written and directed short films from fiction till documentary in various genres and have co-written and co-directed the feature film „KRUSH“ which was shot in the BUFA film studios in Berlin.
Currently, I am working as an independent filmmaker in my hometown Kerpen and am also writing children books of which two I have published already as an audio play.