One victim too many

YOUTH DRAMA (feature film)

The 17 years old Christof has planned a shooting rampage in his high school, to get revenge on his hateful classmates and teachers. But when the proposed date finally arrives he becomes accidently a victim of an armed attack himself before he even gets the chance to slip into the role of the offender.

Jonas, one of the robbers, just came out of jail and wants to make a change in his life. The 21 years old father wishes nothing more than to get back his son, but life doesn ´ t mean well with him as he ends up with a gun in a supermarket.
But who of them is the victim, who the offender?


I say goodbye - You say hello

BLACK  COMEDY (short film)

Charly is a 30 years old unsuccessful singer & songwriter. Sick of her crappy life, she wants to commit suicide. There is just one tiny problem: She constantly fails to die. 

At least there is Mick, her online suicide friend, who helps her always with some good advice.
One morning both unlucky fellows meet up to end their life together, so that Charly finally succeeds. But death seems not to be on their side...

World Of Freedom

SCIENCE FICTION  (in development)

In a hypocratical world where cross-boarders and money do not exist, where people are only judged by their social value and a fake freedom tries to cover the massive state control,  a young woman has to prove through her courage and strength that her personal value is much higher than what the society  accredits her.