Searchig Actors for "Wannabe Millionaire"

Short Info:

The shooting of my next short film "Wannabe Millionaire" will take place in Kerpen (North Rhine-Westphalia) from 14th unti 16th of September.

You find a short synopsis of the story under the heading "Projects". More information you will get on demand. 

We are an international film school with students from all over the world, so the dialogue in the film will be in English.

Since it is a low budget film school production which will be privately financed, I cannot pay a full fee for the cast, but you will get an allowance including the travel costs and there will be catering on set.

If you are interested in this project and come from Cologne or the cities around you can now apply for the roles below.

Please send me a mail with some photos, your vita, filmography and your showreel if you have one and I will answer as soon as possible. I am glad to get to know you!


The wannabe Millionaire


Playing age: 68

Type: grey/bald

Height: small

Size: slim

Tony is an old but very clever man who is still young in his heart. Even though he looks fragile he pretends to be physically very fit for his age and takes every chance to enjoy life. Since years he lives beside the wealthy business man Michael Redford and helps him keeping his plants alive when he goes on a trip, like a good neighbor does. Most of all he loves young woman no matter which type they are as long as they are pretty. To get their attention and spend the night with them, he has discovered through all this years his own tactic: Every time when the real millionaire is not at home, he takes his designer smoking, his car, his house keys and turns into Mr. Redford.

The busy Businessman


Playing age: 43

Type: dark/blond

Height: tall

Size: muscular

Michael Redford is a lucky guy. Born into a very rich family, he has established his own business, is the owner of a luxury house and an expensive car. He has everything what a man dreams of - beside time. He is a workaholic and goes often on business trips around the world. Therefor he has hired Tony his old neighbor as his personal house keeper. He trust the old man so much, that he even leaves him the keys to all his properties, every time he travels, so that Tony can keep an eye on it, not knowing his old neighbors little passion for role-plays.

The sexy Gold Diggers

Cindy, Monique, Nadja

Playing age: 25-30

Type: blond/dark/red

Height: tall

Size: slim/curvy

Cindy, Monique and Nadja are all young pretty women and they know it! They are literally professional gold diggers who are willing to do everything just to marry a rich man who can ensure them a life in the lap of luxury. It does not matter for them how old or unattractive their future husband is, as long as he has a lot of money to spend on them. That is why Tony is a perfect match and why they all give their best to win his heart not knowing that they are just a toy in his little "love game".