One victim too many


The 17 years old misfit Christof has planned a spectacular shooting rampage in his high school, to get revenge on his hateful classmates and teachers. But when the proposed date finally arrives he becomes accidently a victim of an armed attack himself before he even gets the chance to slip into the role of the offender.

These unexpected event changes his perception of his seemingly insignificant life which he was willing to leave behind.

Someone Somewhere Sometime


An extraordinary multiple plot story where people, time and place loose their usual meaning and where the audience becomes a participant in an audio-visual puzzle, trying to find out what is happening.

World Of Freedom

SCIENCE FICTION  (in development)

In a hypocratical world where cross-boarders and money do not exist, where people are only judged by their social value and a fake freedom tries to cover the massive state control,  a young woman has to prove through her courage and strength that her personal value is much higher than what the society  accredits her.



DRAMEDY (in development)

One night, one  house, 10 guests and a little rumour that goes by word of mouth and spoils the whole New Years Eve party.

An unusual experience where the perspectives change constantly and each character in the film becomes a storyteller showing the happenings from an individual point of view.