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Directing Actors for Film" by Pete Travis


"Film Financing in an Enterpreneurial Age" by Paul Miller


"Film Financing & Fundings" by Producer Helga Binder


"Animation of Disney & Pixer Films" by Producer Max Haward


"Camera & Lighting" by Cinematographer Markus Schott & Gaffer Nils Maier


"Digital Photo Editing with Photoshop" by Media Designer Charlotte Kranefeld


"Layout with Indesign" by Media Designer Charlotte Kranefeld


"Adobe Premiere Pro CS6" by Editor Andrea Rüd


"Female Directors" by Director Nicole Weegmann


"Women behind the Camera" by Cinematographer Kathinka Minthe


"Acting for Directors" by Acting Coach Hanfried Schüttler


"Film Language & Breakdown" by Cinematographer Jo Heim


"Final Cut Pro" by Editor Andrea Rüd


"Directing Basics" by Director Tobi Baumann