Honey Ain´t Sweet (Honey ist nicht sweet)


Country: Germany

Year: 2019

Duration: 9min

Genre: Drama

Production: KinoBerlino


Maria Zharkova           Rafaela Reindl

Alexander Plaquett     Johan Lau

Claudia Kandefer        Yee Him Wang

Jacob Lefton               Hila Rubinstein


Producer: Hasmik Avetisyan       

Writer/Director: Rusanna Danielian

Camera: Dennis Habarov                  
Sound: Adel Gamehdar

Music: Robert Gromotka

Edit: Rusanna Danielian



Lucy, a woman in her 30s, also known as "Honey Sweet", wants to start a new life in a new city. So she invites her neighbours into her new flat to get to know them. But the nice little house warming party soon has a negative turn, as Tom, one of the guests, recognizes her and spreads her secret about her "dirty" past as a porn actress, to take revenge for the rejection he receives. Within minutes her image of the sweet host changes and she is "labelled" as a sex object. But Lucy isn´t willing to take that role again. 



Lucy, eine Frau Mitte 30, auch bekannt als "Honey Sweet", möchte in einer neuen Stadt ein neus Leben beginnen. Dazu lädt sie ihre Nachbarn in ihre Wohnung ein, um sie kennenzuleren, Doch die nette kleine Einweihungsparty nimmt bald eine negative Wendung, als Tom, einer der Gäste, sie erkennt und ihr Geheimnis, über ihre "schmutzige" Vergangenheit als Porno-Darstellerin ausplaudert, um ihr für die Abfuhr, die er bekommt, einen auszuwischen. Innerhalb von Minuten verändert sich Lucys Image von der lieben Gastgäberin und sie wird als Sexobjekt abgestempelt. Doch Lucy ist nicht bereit, diese Rolle wieder einzunehmen. 



The inspiration for this story came through an online article about the ex-porn star Bree Olson. In her interview she tells about the difficulties she had to face after leaving the porn industry behind. What mostly affected her emotionally was the "hate" and prejedices of the society which she had to deal with in her everyday life. Like most of her female collegues she confesses that there is no normal life after porn. 

"When I go out I feel like wearing slut across my forehead" - Bree Olson

The full article and the video of her interview can be found here:

- Real Women, Real Stories -



The shooting took place during the 15th KinoKabaret Berlin, hosted by KinoBerlino. Crew and cast came together within four days of prep. The shooting took place one day/night in Berlin Wedding. The post production was finished in October.